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new blog post: "What even is lolicore?"

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diff --git a/src/blog/ b/src/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,126 @@ +# "What even is lolicore?" +<!--[time 202104041741.57]--> + +from [my fediverse post]( + +> lolicore is a style of music that incorporates anime (commonly +> hentai/lolicon) with breakcore, speedcore, techno, noise, and/or +> mashcore, and in the early days artists pretty much just pushed their +> music to absurd limits +> +> people telling you "it's an acquired taste" are bullshitting you, +> lolicore is a really broad, loose spectrum of music, and there's much +> more accessible shit than what was posted in this thread. first thing +> you should do is listen to "blue girl on sunday" by goreshit, that was +> my favourite album from him. it's very "vanilla" as far as lolicore +> goes, very dancy, he does a lot of that shit as well as some speedcore +> in other albums +> +> goreshit is part of a label/collective Dance Corps so check out the +> other artists under that if you want. im not too big a fan but i +> listen to some albums from Annoying Ringtone and Loffciamcore. also +> theres Bubblegum Luv where goreshit, sHimaU, and Sub-69 published a +> split, i have that album and its great, listen to it +> +> if you want to venture out from there, check out Lolishit (everyone +> who knows about lolicore knows about lolishit) probably starting with +> "Chest Flattener", then anything by Himeko Katagiri, Napkin +> Terrorizer, DJKurara, and some others. himeko runs a netlabel called +> Tsundere Violence, i found a lot of artists through the 13 Seconds +> Long Songs compilations—yes, those are as absurd as they sound, youre +> basically shoved into every musical direction as you listen to every +> sample-sized song, and a lot of submissions push shit close to +> non-music on there. you'll see a lot of that with artists on TSV +> +> if you want to take a step back, theres Riajuu, Emray, Rotten Blood, +> maedasalt/ChrisGendo (same artist, different aliases—i mostly like +> their older releases but you might enjoy the rest of it), DJA7VGO, +> anything on The Worst Label. youll notice a lot of this stuff diverges +> from lolicore's original style, like i said a lot of artists wanted to +> explore past the old noisy amateur sound and get into other electronic +> genres. for me The Worst is hit-or-miss, i dont care much for Minogame +> or Tesslesstess, but look around you might find something +> +> speaking of, there's also p.stmdrn / $$$$$$$$ (again same artist) if +> youre more into hip-hop. i used to listen to them quite a bit +> +> as for my personal recommendations: Bukiko, Waqs, Nyojikko/matoakai +> (really good, listen at least once through), Vaenus, Shisa, and i'll +> save my favourite two for last because i think they deserve special +> description +> +> one absolute fav of mine is onichomp/yeongrak, very divergent from the +> rest of lolicore but has done some collabs. one with goreshit called +> "safety cuts", check it out. her older music has mostly been +> vapourwave influenced so it's chilled back, besides that she's always +> had a footwork influence throughout her works, but a lot of it is +> barely noticeable as footwork since it's heavily experimental. you'll +> hear lots of samples from things you'd never expect to be used in a +> song, but here yeongrak pieces them together as if they belonged in +> her music all along. i have mad respect for this artist, this is +> definitely a grower, i started out not really appealed to any of her +> work but quickly began to love it more and more. other than "safety +> cuts", you'll want to start from her arguably more-accessible earlier +> releases like "d'chrone" (very footwork), "ASCII GIRLS" and some of +> her earlier releases for more of an ambient vibe (i'm still trying to +> find older releases, she deleted them a while back). if you have ever +> listened to DJWWWW then listen to "animal protein", it's out there but +> that album was heavily influenced by DJWWWW and did a fucking +> excellent job at being inspired without stealing his sound. i'll let +> you explore the rest if you want, definitelt take your time because +> it's a lot to take in at first and you honestly might not "get it" +> first listen around. and maybe yeongrak just isn't for you, that's +> fine +> +> last but not least by a long shot, Nekophiliac. they go by a lot of +> aliases (see nekophiliac, moetannn, 617399, 97997almonds all on +> bandcamp) with styles everywhere from breakcore and "more lolicore +> sound" in their early works, to ambient and field recordings, to a +> short obsession with lo-fi and oldies combined with other +> electronic/dance elements, to short experimentation with reggae +> (LOWLEVELSLIME), to speedcore and noise (MOETANNN)—just check out +> their discog and you'll see the broad range of influence that crept in +> over the years. a lot of their shit is paywalled on bandcamp now, but +> hold that thought, i'll get to it. nekophiliac was a grower for me as +> well, so keep that in mind when you're listening. last thing i have to +> remark is that nekophiliac was my first relationship ever, +> long-distance, we met through their music and talked on twitter and +> somehow just hit it up. still love them to death although we drifted +> apart due to their mental health issues. they're better now but they +> don't recall our relationship at all, really, so for me it feels like +> i was the only one involved, the only one holding those memories. but +> i do know neko cared about me, they wrote a song specifically for me a +> while back, and i still have it +> +> that thought you held: i have a shitload in flac, so if you have +> trouble finding anything or you don't love something enough to pay (or +> like me you're just too poor), i can look into hooking you up. just +> note that my home internet sucks so i might have some trouble +> coordinating, but i *do* want to share this shit with anyone who wants +> to listen, so i'd be more than willing to figure something out. +> bittorrent, soulseek, i could set something up to download off me +> +> long post, but lolicore deserves more of a description than most +> people care to put in. it's a fantastic community of music, there's +> something for almost everyone to get hooked on, just give it a try and +> don't knock it because you heard one artist you dislike + +[part 2]( + +> as you can tell im a heavy spectator of lolicore, it's most of my +> musical life, it got me into some great shit and has actually touched +> me emotionally, so i think of it as much more than some fad started by +> immature kids with fl studio. there's a lot of depth, a lot to +> explore, a lot to love in my experience + +[part 3]( + +> shit, yeah i forgot to mention. a lot of people like Sewerslvt, i +> never cared much, but that's another artist to look into. as +> [@chuculate]( said, +> [s]he really is the new goreshit as far as accessibility +> +> some recent artists i got into that are really worth a listen no +> matter what you're into: Starlit, Romantiqué, and aimaiishitsu. i +> might have more but i've been going through their music more recently +> and organising it into my library, and it all stood out to me