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diff --git a/src/ b/src/ @@ -16,3 +16,36 @@ can verify this by using <kbd>gpg --refresh-keys</kbd>, <kbd>gpg</kbd>. I'm [keybase/opal](altnet:// as well. + +## subkeys + +* `C ed25519/0xFB02FDAFD6C05FE4`, offline master key +* `E cv25519/0x4C0D6F0D872C89C2`, [Mareep](/pages/devices.xht#mareep) +* `S ed25519/0xD64AC4EF1563A64E`, [Mareep](/pages/devices.xht#mareep) +* `S ed25519/0xCCA79DEDC63CA163`, [kanpachi](/pages/ +* <del>`S ed25519/0x36F6D82A4CD82407`, revoked, unknown use</del> +* `A ed25519/0xDB9E5D2DF2699CDE`, [mahin](/pages/ +* `A rsa4096/0xF283980C907A0ACB`, [mahin](/pages/, to authenticate with + dropbear on [raimu](/pages/ and [minits](/pages/ +* <del>`A ed25519/0x3BB3A966C0AA790C`, revoked, unknown use</del> +* <del>`A ed25519/0x1D5BC97BF7D713C1`, revoked, [kanpachi](/pages/</del> + +## keysigning policies + +### signature levels + +<ol> +<li value="0">this key is in my ring; I trust it casually but make no +formal assumption as to the key's legitimacy.</li> +<li>I have reasonable belief that this identity is the keyholder's, for +example by verifying on their official website or via a service such as +Keybase.</li> +<li>as level 1, in addition to verifying the keyholder's E-mail +address.</li> +<li>as level 2, in addition to verifying the keyholder's identity in +person.</li> +</ol> + +### signing procedure + +dude trust me lmao