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guess I was wrong

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diff --git a/src/blog/ b/src/blog/ @@ -82,15 +82,7 @@ from [my fediverse post]( > their discog and you'll see the broad range of influence that crept in > over the years. a lot of their shit is paywalled on bandcamp now, but > hold that thought, i'll get to it. nekophiliac was a grower for me as -> well, so keep that in mind when you're listening. last thing i have to -> remark is that nekophiliac was my first relationship ever, -> long-distance, we met through their music and talked on twitter and -> somehow just hit it up. still love them to death although we drifted -> apart due to their mental health issues. they're better now but they -> don't recall our relationship at all, really, so for me it feels like -> i was the only one involved, the only one holding those memories. but -> i do know neko cared about me, they wrote a song specifically for me a -> while back, and i still have it +> well, so keep that in mind when you're listening. […] > > that thought you held: i have a shitload in flac, so if you have > trouble finding anything or you don't love something enough to pay (or