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diff --git a/src/ b/src/ @@ -9,12 +9,14 @@ organised for my own use. links to blogs, news, opinion pieces, or any other useful information. -* [<q>Did you call them *autocrap* tools?</q>]( ([archived](/redir/archive?zuPRr)) * [Against DNSSEC]( ([archived](/redir/archive?SEDME)) – note, I use DNSSEC despite having read this, since it's easy enough to deploy and forget. if others wish to verify my records with DNSSEC, they have the choice. +* [AMP for E-mail is a terrible idea]( +* [<q>Did you call them *autocrap* tools?</q>]( ([archived](/redir/archive?zuPRr)) * [Doomsday planning for less crazy folk]( ([archived](/redir/archive?IOhOI)) * [ret2php]( ([archived](/redir/archive?fmuWl)) * [Stopping Tor attacks]( ([archived](/redir/archive?2enPM)) * [Structure of .pyc files]( ([archived](/redir/archive?skmMb)) +* [The web we broke]( ([archived](/redir/archive?zPCIm)) – personally, I believe many accessibility issues can be solved simply by adhering to writing static, degradable websites with semantic HTML5. I am working on [a subset](/htss.xht) of the HTML5 standard to address usability concerns. * [What does `getaddrinfo` do?]( ([archived](/redir/archive?A2BXZ)) * [Why programs must not limit the freedom to run them]( ([archived](/redir/archive?DJn75)) * [Why you shouldn't comment (or document) code](, which mainly encourages self-documenting code ([archived](/redir/archive?KWwKr)) @@ -33,6 +35,15 @@ enough spare disk space. * joan <q>jgs</q> stark's ASCII art ([wayback](, [oocities]( * Links to ASCII art web pages ([wayback]( +## mesh networking + +resources for future inclusion on the [mesh wiki]( + +* [batman-adv wiki]( +* [Community Technology]( (mirrored at <>) +* [Freifunk]( ([German]( +* [Toronto Mesh]( + ## miscellaneous * [Academic Torrents]( @@ -65,13 +76,13 @@ some of these repositories, I should probably mirror eventually. ### stuff I use -* [Twidere-Android](, something I plan to fork and maintain +see my [software list](/software.xht). ### other * [abduco]( * [ache, domain-specific web crawler]( -* [AWStats]( +* [AWStats]( * [editorconfig-vim]( * [Hydrus presets and scripts]( * [iodine DNS tunnel](