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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,24 @@ +This is the guts of <>. It is provided as a public git +repository to show people how easily a website can be generated with +make(1) and an intermediate formatting such as Markdown. This repository +is released under the same terms as my website (Creative Commons Zero / +public domain); see <./COPYING> for details. + +Points of interest: +/.gitignore mostly for files I handle outside of revision control; + either private directories or things that don't make sense to track +/src for original Markdown sources, template files +/out is the root of the live website. Again, untracked files and + directories won't show up here; they are only on the resultant + website or on my development machine. +/out/blog/historic is interesting; since I used to use bashblog to + generate my blog, I did not have anything under revision control. My + posts from that period, along with their PGP signatures, are + retained for integrity. Please do not rely on them to be current. +/Makefile is where the magic happens. It should be simple enough to + follow and to figure out how everything is generated. +/scripts has helper utilities for generating the site. Some are called + from the makefile to glue templates together and to produce the + blog's Atom feed. One, /scripts/, I call directly to begin + writing a new blog article from my text editor. It automatically + handles saving the file to the correct location.