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diff --git a/src/pages/ b/src/pages/ @@ -1,6 +1,8 @@ # devices -<h2 id=""></h2> +## headed devices + +<h3 id=""></h3> current desktop, running Gentoo Linux. it's a prebuilt from 2015: @@ -13,7 +15,21 @@ current desktop, running Gentoo Linux. it's a prebuilt from 2015: [nouveau project]: <> -<h2 id=""></h2> +<h3 id=""></h3> + +X200 running OpenBSD. + +<h3 id=""></h3> + +Pixel 2 XL running LineageOS. + +<h3 id=""></h3> + +PlayStation 3 (backwards-compatible CECHA01) with Rebug 4.86.1 CFW. + +## headless servers + +<h3 id=""></h3> Lenovo Yoga 2 11 running Void Linux. I used it during college as a laptop; for a while I have been using it as a home server and for video @@ -21,15 +37,11 @@ playback, but now the wireless interface is unstable and periodically shuts off (usually under high load), so I plan either to repurpose it as a testing machine or to scrap it for its parts. -<h2 id=""></h2> - -X200 running OpenBSD. - -<h2 id=""></h2> +<h3 id=""></h3> Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2, running Alpine Linux. -<h2 id=""></h2> +<h3 id=""></h3> custom-built <abbr title="network-attached storage">NAS</abbr> homeserver, running Gentoo musl-hardened. @@ -38,29 +50,25 @@ homeserver, running Gentoo musl-hardened. * CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220 * RAM: 16 GiB ECC UDIMM -<h2 id=""></h2> - -Pixel 2 XL running LineageOS. - -<h2 id=""></h2> +## networking equipment -PlayStation 3 (backwards-compatible CECHA01) with Rebug 4.86.1 CFW. - -<h2 id=""></h2> +<h3 id=""></h3> ER-X with OpenWRT. I dislike OpenWRT for various reasons, so I hope to get a spare device and experiment with a custom Alpine-based build, both for raimu and [minits]( -<h2 id=""></h2> +<h3 id=""></h3> Meraki MR16 with OpenWRT. -<h2 id=""></h2> +<h3 id=""></h3> Netgear WN2000RPTv2 Wi-Fi extender I plan to flash and use as a LAN switch. -<h2 id="mareep">Mareep</h2> +## hardware tokens + +<h3 id="mareep">Mareep</h3> my primary YubiKey.