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diff --git a/src/pages/ b/src/pages/ @@ -2,14 +2,24 @@ <h2 id=""></h2> -current desktop, running Gentoo Linux. +current desktop, running Gentoo Linux. it's a prebuilt from 2015: + +* motherboard: Gigabyte H81M-S2H +* CPU: Intel i5-4690K +* GPU: NVIDIA GF108 [GeForce GT 730] (using proprietary kernel + drivers)—planning to upgrade to an AMD GPU once the market settles, + and donate this to the [nouveau project][]. +* RAM: 8 GiB + +[nouveau project]: <> <h2 id=""></h2> -Lenovo Yoga 2 11 running Void Linux (planning to migrate, likely to -Alpine Linux). I used it during college as a laptop; its current fate is -to stay <q>docked</q> next to my networking equipment, hooked up to TV -via HDMI, and being used for various purposes. +Lenovo Yoga 2 11 running Void Linux. I used it during college as a +laptop; for a while I have been using it as a home server and for video +playback, but now the wireless interface is unstable and periodically +shuts off (usually under high load), so I plan either to repurpose it as +a testing machine or to scrap it for its parts. <h2 id=""></h2> @@ -24,13 +34,17 @@ Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2, running Alpine Linux. custom-built <abbr title="network-attached storage">NAS</abbr> homeserver, running Gentoo musl-hardened. +* motherboard: Supermicro X9SCM-F +* CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220 +* RAM: 16 GiB ECC UDIMM + <h2 id=""></h2> Pixel 2 XL running LineageOS. <h2 id=""></h2> -PlayStation 3 with Rebug 4.86.1 CFW. +PlayStation 3 (backwards-compatible CECHA01) with Rebug 4.86.1 CFW. <h2 id=""></h2>