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blog post: "MivoCloud follow-up"

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diff --git a/src/blog/ b/src/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,41 @@ +# MivoCloud follow-up +<!--[time 202005061353.57]--> + +in response to [my previous +post](/blog/my-experience-with-mivocloud.xht), I received a detailed +reply on behalf of MivoCloud that covered all my concerns I outlined in +my ticket. see below: + +> Hi, +> +> Sorry for the late reply. +> +> 1. I can confirm some of your IP addresses were routed to another customers. +> That was done by an intern who misunderstood some of the functionality of our IPAM software. +> 2. Please open a new ticket and provide more details. +> 3. I'm very glad you're using IPv6 a lot, but 99% of the customers don't even know what's that for. We had a lot of headache when people configure a service on the server, but did not take IPv6 into account. Sometimes things did not work at all. That's why we don't provide IPv6 automatically at the moment. I hope the things will change in next 1-2 years. +> 4. We don't provide the IPMI access by default. We understand that having IPMI facing the Internet is a very bad idea. Because of that we recommend customers to have it blocked (on our side). +> Our engineers are online 24/7/365 and reply to tickets in 1-10 minutes so if you have an urge, just open a ticket asking to reopen the access to IPMI. +> 5. We are working on a TOTP solution. That will be available soon. +> +> You're free to public my answer. +> +> Maxim Popov + +I am happy that MivoCloud is aware of and working on solutions for a lot +of these things. I was unaware that IPMI/iDRAC could be disabled on +demand via a ticket until now. after I clear up real-life +responsibilities and have enough time to invest, I'll follow up with a +new ticket for point #2 (networking configuration in general) and see +where we can go from there. + +to be fair, I have services with two other providers, and they both seem +to have a worse IPv6 situation than MivoCloud (mainly out of their +control, due to issues with upstream Hurricane Electric IPv6 routing and +the like). so, MivoCloud's slight oddity with regard to not supplying a +/64 block upon order, and instead providing a /128 (or evidently no IPv6 +at all), is a very slight inconvenience considering I at least have +consistent IPv6 service. however, I will bring up the fact that +customers should be free not to order IPv6 at all if they don't +understand what it is, and for those who do want it, they should get a +full /64.