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README (1416B)

      1 This is the guts of <>. It is provided as a public git
      2 repository to show people how easily a website can be generated with
      3 make(1) and an intermediate formatting such as Markdown. This repository
      4 is released under the same terms as my website (Creative Commons Zero /
      5 public domain); see <./COPYING> for details.
      7 Points of interest:
      8 /.gitignore mostly for files I handle outside of revision control;
      9 	either private directories or things that don't make sense to track
     10 /src for original Markdown sources, template files
     11 /out is the root of the live website. Again, untracked files and
     12 	directories won't show up here; they are only on the resultant
     13 	website or on my development machine.
     14 /out/blog/historic is interesting; since I used to use bashblog to
     15 	generate my blog, I did not have anything under revision control. My
     16 	posts from that period, along with their PGP signatures, are
     17 	retained for integrity. Please do not rely on them to be current.
     18 /Makefile is where the magic happens. It should be simple enough to
     19 	follow and to figure out how everything is generated.
     20 /scripts has helper utilities for generating the site. Some are called
     21 	from the makefile to glue templates together and to produce the
     22 	blog's Atom feed. One, /scripts/, I call directly to begin
     23 	writing a new blog article from my text editor. It automatically
     24 	handles saving the file to the correct location.