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      4 a musing on sharing and receiving opinions
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      7 > am i perfect? no, far from it. i go out of my way to be an edgy fuck more than enough, i am quick to resort to namecalling, but overall i feel like i'm a reasonable person if you can look past that. while some people use edginess/insults to carry out their "race war now" politics, i simply use it because i'm used to it, i don't take offence to it when it's used against me, and i believe (to a fault) in "treat others how you want to be treated."
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      9 > except sometimes i put my edginess aside for a brief bit, and i try to discuss something maturely, without the intent to provoke. and that isn't even well-received as much as it should be, for whatever reason. people choose to be ignorant to differing opinions rather than to be openly sceptical, rather than to judge whether a new idea is acceptable, needs additional review/argument, or can be discarded safely (and ideally in an adultlike manner that doesn't end up accusing people of stuff simply because they believe in something).
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     11 > psychologists have a term for silencing opposition: it's a maladaptive coping response to stressors, meaning it is unhealthy in the long run and only causes more problems. the adage "you can run but you can't hide" is suitable here; you can temporarily silence dissenting opinions (or ruin your life trying to permanently silence all sources of it) instead of just taking those opinions as they are: opinions. nobody's forcing you to believe anything, and the people who do use force to spread their opinions are to be looked down upon. most of us are simply exposing others to new ideas based off our own experiences and knowledge; we're doing it in an attempt to help out but we don't always show our intent straight up, because we're naïve and believe that everyone is as open as us to new ideas and opinions.
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     13 > like i said, i'm flawed as fuck, but i don't believe my flaws and edginess has a profound impact on my ability to diffuse my opinions and knowledge to others out there
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