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      4 the grey area of paedophilia
      6 before anyone gets shocked: **I am against rape and abuse of any kind.** this post is only to address the fact that most people -- those who claim to protect the rights of children -- are focusing in the wrong places.
      8 lately, I have come across articles online that explain the difference between Western and Japanese views on [lolicon]( (which refers to Japanese media that focuses on cartoon underage girls). contrarily, I have also come across some real counts of child abuse such as [a review on Dr. Phil's interview that <q>exposes global elite pedophiles</q>]( which seems to sum up the issue the best.
     10 also within the past year, various people have questioned my stance on paedophilia, and they seem to not grasp a full picture on my beliefs, so I would like to make this all clear within a full written explanation, complete with supporting information.
     12 where am I going with this? in the Americas and Europe, there seems to be a sacred air around anything involving children. this is not necessarily a bad thing; children are impressionable and deserve every chance to experience a fulfilled life without fear of harm in any way. but it seems as if this is being used as an *excuse* to push certain legislation and cultural norms, rather than an actual reason for focusing on these issues. take for example child exploitation. somehow a count for rape is deemed lesser than a count for child rape? what's the difference? they're both inhumane and deserve harsh <q>eye for eye</q> punishment in my book. so why is it any worse for this to happen to children than for it to happen to anyone else?
     14 both adult and child molestation are sadly very prominent in the world, not only with undeveloped nations but also with this global elite -- sometimes the same people who publicly support legislation to crack down on child abuse. if that isn't hypocritical, nothing is.
     16 but are we focused on the right issues? being an active member in various Tor/I2P hidden service communities, as well as on online imageboards, I see a lot of talk against the possession of child pornography itself. there is no mention about the severity of the case, and to these people, a picture of a fourteen-year-old posing nude in a mirror is fully equivalent to one of a violent rape scene involving children who may not even be old enough to talk. these people stop at the mention of <q>children</q> and don't take into account all of the aspects of whatever they're speaking against.
     18 the fourteen year old? fourteen is an age of consent in various parts of the world, and it is a natural stage in life for sexual exploration. should someone post their nudes on the internet -- probably not, because they might regret it later, but this is true for any aged person, right? I'm sure some twenty- and thirty-somethings have regretted drunkenly posting sexual depictments of themselves for everyone to see. to sum up, I don't see why this should be up for legislation to decide. children should be educated on what is okay and not okay to post online instead, and they need to learn to think for themselves.
     20 the rape scene? this is **not okay**. this is what people need to focus on when they are advocating for humane reform. it is a very real issue and many people, children and adults alike, are involuntarily involved in the sex trade every day, with little to no hope of escaping this life. *this* should be what I see when I hear people speaking against child abuse. with enough care, these injustices can be corrected, and police may work together so that the criminals responsible may be punished (by death, as far as I care). that way, we are *objectively* making the world a more humane place, and we aren't only satisfying people who hold subjectively-moral beliefs. you as an individual are welcome to have your own beliefs, but please focus on concrete efforts to stop unjust activity in the world.
     22 I don't typically like to be involved in political discussion, but this issue has been concerning me for a while, and people genuinely believe I am a paedophile due to my <q>liberal</q> opinions of paedophilia and lolicon. as I have said, my issue is about the different classifications of crimes against children versus those against adults. crime is crime, no matter the victim.
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