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      1 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
      2 Hash: SHA512
      4 An HTML copy of this message, as well as scannable QR codes, can be
      5 found at <>.
      7 As of 2022-02-02, these are my OMEMO keys for
      9 Conversations on
     10 1f47df6b 611d4910 60a4d841 c36b4ee4 341508cb fafe3b51 1a1648c6 c3c97f64
     12 Conversations on
     13 bbc01c30 9b2a0932 a64bda6c 46908def 4a8f49c8 ac7627ca 9f267a0f 69d04b07
     15 Dino on
     16 cb7d76cf 57365a23 c05b6695 234d26a5 b08b2ae8 53ae11ba 7793d7df 4d520f68 
     18 Gajim on
     19 d7e91d0c 890b6a0e 720d1f41 59d1a12b 57f2266d f630d374 4c4f6554 68c9774a
     21 Profanity on
     22 48e7022f a0a3f67a 060d696d ff4f0829 e9d696d1 f8264530 8cdabb4e 1f53fa21
     24 Please do not trust any keys if this PGP signature does not validate.
     25 Please do not trust any keys not listed in this signed message.
     26 Please *revoke* trust for any old keys, as I am no longer using them.
     28 If you notice a new OMEMO key for my account, that is not listed in this
     29 message; or if you notice that this message signature does not validate;
     30 please let me know over a secure channel. I can sign either a corrected
     31 statement with the updated OMEMO keys, or a statement explaining the
     32 validity of my current keys, depending on the situation.
     34 Proof of date (2021-02-02T21:05UTC):
     35 <>
     36 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
     38 iJAEARYKADgWIQTDZo8dTC/1ilLtuI7WSsTvFWOmTgUCYfryQxoaaHR0cHM6Ly93
     39 b3dhbmEubWUvcGdwLnhodAAKCRDWSsTvFWOmTgm6AQDWgGuATTSmuhzHJcINeeEu
     40 ZjDhepNkEIMS8bPYHqBtigEAmpg9mxomR7D5vsBaDAoji798cWOmo42Pe9uX26Cf
     41 /AA=
     42 =2r8A
     43 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----