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      1 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
      2 Hash: SHA512
      4 An HTML copy of this message, as well as scannable QR codes, can be
      5 found at <>.
      7 As of 2022-03-10, these are my OMEMO keys for
      9 Conversations on
     10 b588bb10 6574101a b82e9a3c a5830cb1 dd702ca0 b1216768 c4ba61b2 2285a832
     12 Conversations on
     13 a9a9dfd5 7e723875 59a7d85e 889d3fc9 42780fbe e990117d 932e9ad3 f715db1a
     15 Dino on
     16 22c2752e d3aa581d 73113e68 629fb9e0 5914a527 8a3974bf 9e501062 43cfd60e
     18 Gajim on
     19 d5cddf95 e16fce1f 3e53435d a602585f b80104cb ce0c922e d3357061 40c54548
     21 Profanity on
     22 77bd8242 ee19daaf f477d39e 7552e61f f3c4a86f 604b6972 03dfb774 5c36e01d
     24 Please do not trust any keys if this PGP signature does not validate.
     25 Please do not trust any keys not listed in this signed message.
     26 Please *revoke* trust for any old keys, as I am no longer using them.
     28 If you notice a new OMEMO key for my account, that is not listed in this
     29 message; or if you notice that this message signature does not validate;
     30 please let me know over a secure channel. I can sign either a corrected
     31 statement with the updated OMEMO keys, or a statement explaining the
     32 validity of my current keys, depending on the situation.
     34 Proof of date (2022-03-10T19:30UTC):
     35 <>
     36 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
     38 iJAEARYKADgWIQTDZo8dTC/1ilLtuI7WSsTvFWOmTgUCYipR/BoaaHR0cHM6Ly93
     39 b3dhbmEubWUvcGdwLnhodAAKCRDWSsTvFWOmTpYvAQDOzsaB/m684xoZ/LcTdwX5
     40 9NRluTUowCKTV9IInrh3ywD7BpCrrzvVwNi3KtYsK3zt+KGDybyDLmojXqAtpVIP
     41 QwQ=
     42 =j6B4
     43 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----