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      1 # 2022 update
      2 <!--[time 202209022116.40]-->
      4 my blog's been inactive but I am not dead. this year I have mostly been
      5 keeping up with my job, it's going as well as you would expect; visiting
      6 online friends in person; getting stoned; reading a lot.... I will keep
      7 the blog updated as I feel the need, but for the most part I have been
      8 quiet except around my friends and the few communities in which I remain
      9 active.
     11 for me, this year has mostly been one for self-discovery, and although
     12 much has happened and it feels like a really long year, it's set a good
     13 precedent for me as I finish the year and plan ahead for 2023.
     15 I have plans for my website specifically. I want to add more content,
     16 make it easier to update relatively structured data (OMEMO and PGP keys
     17 seem like an easy first step to tackle), and start linking to other
     18 websites more. I'd also like to expand the [git](/git/) page since right
     19 now the 404 isn't very much to look at. my repositories are still
     20 directly accessible via git-daemon using the bare `git://` protocol, but
     21 that isn't fancy enough, of course.
     23 also, I plan to move really soon, once I've finished some things up
     24 where I currently live. other than making sure my finances are straight,
     25 I'm going forward with my name change, because here I'd have to wait 90
     26 days after moving out-of-county to apply through the courts. once I do
     27 that, I'll be more comfortable opening accounts; I want to leave my
     28 bank, find a good financial credit union, and actually connect my
     29 [LiberaPay][] and [OpenCollective][] accounts so that I can take in
     30 funding that will go entirely toward [Volatile](altnet://
     32 [LiberaPay]: <>
     33 [OpenCollective]: <>
     35 once I move, I'll get some colocation quotes from several datacentres
     36 around the area and make a plan to *finally* move off my dedis and
     37 VPSes. a few others are interested as well, so this should help with
     38 initial setup and any recurring costs. I have actually E-mailed one DC
     39 for a quote, but their mailserver refuses mail from my main address.
     40 they wanted me to just call them, but I'd rather have everything written
     41 out to refer to it later.
     43 other things of interest: I have gotten tired enough of UNIX and
     44 UNIX-like systems (BSD, Linux, anything) that I am making baby steps
     45 into operating system development. as well, I've been studying
     46 programming languages in an effort to design a language I'd be happy
     47 with using—one that is portable and influenced heavily by
     48 functional-paradigm programming. nothing's set in stone, this has mostly
     49 been an experimental side project of mine. I do not want to follow the
     50 bad design practices that UNIX inspired, but I do want to keep a POSIX
     51 compatibility layer so that I can say my OS runs useful stuff. :)
     53 while I study a lot of OS and PL design and try to learn how to do
     54 things correctly, I want to incorporate more-immediate fixes to my
     55 workflow, things that should not take as much time. I've been inspired
     56 by projects such as [river][] to take a stab at writing my own wayland
     57 compositor, after running bspwm on all my headed devices for well over a
     58 year now. I've run into some accessibility issues common between most
     59 (all?) major X window managers, and it's hard to hack on bspwm, or in
     60 fact, anything that builds on top of xorg to provide graphics. it's
     61 nasty, I've been looking at wayland, and the only issues I see so far
     62 with wayland, are issues I can totally avoid. I don't like hard
     63 dependencies on shit such as udev either. I'll work on that because
     64 nobody else seems to be.
     66 [river]: <>
     68 I will probably be less active on fedi, since I am sick of the buggy
     69 software ecosystem, and I do not yet wish to spend time learning the
     70 ActivityPub protocol in order to write replacements for software. I'll
     71 be experimenting with [secure scuttlebutt][] which seems like a much
     72 simpler protocol to write a simple client and pub against. not in
     73 node.js, this time.
     75 [secure scuttlebutt]: <>
     77 I'm still active as ever on XMPP, [Volatile still has a
     78 MUC](, it's still idle but I believe
     79 it will pick up once we set our plans into motion for the project. I'm
     80 still ready to invest time and money into it, because I believe in it.
     82 aside from that, I've been more mindful and more flexible about how I
     83 approach life. I have considered publicising a calendar so that others
     84 can plan their time around me, but that requires adhering to a schedule
     85 first, which I tend to be bad at doing.
     87 I have also decided I want to set up a wishlist page, perhaps under
     88 donations (that page still exists but so far I have been unprepared to
     89 take donations). I buy most of my products used anyway, my computers are
     90 built from equal parts new and used parts, and I like toying around with
     91 a lot of stuff that I want but don't strictly need. I figure this would
     92 be a good way for people to send stuff they don't use to my P.O. box so
     93 I can put it to use. I'll provide more details as I'm ready to do this.
     94 a studio apartment is not enough space to store more than what I already
     95 have, for sure.