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      1 # MivoCloud follow-up
      2 <!--[time 202005061353.57]-->
      4 in response to [my previous
      5 post](/blog/my-experience-with-mivocloud.xht), I received a detailed
      6 reply on behalf of MivoCloud that covered all my concerns I outlined in
      7 my ticket. see below:
      9 > Hi,
     10 > 
     11 > Sorry for the late reply.
     12 > 
     13 > 1.  I can confirm some of your IP addresses were routed to another customers.
     14 >     That was done by an intern who misunderstood some of the functionality of our IPAM software.
     15 > 2.  Please open a new ticket and provide more details.
     16 > 3.  I'm very glad you're using IPv6 a lot, but 99% of the customers don't even know what's that for. We had a lot of headache when people configure a service on the server, but did not take IPv6 into account. Sometimes things did not work at all. That's why we don't provide IPv6 automatically at the moment. I hope the things will change in next 1-2 years.
     17 > 4.  We don't provide the IPMI access by default. We understand that having IPMI facing the Internet is a very bad idea. Because of that we recommend customers to have it blocked (on our side).
     18 >     Our engineers are online 24/7/365 and reply to tickets in 1-10 minutes so if you have an urge, just open a ticket asking to reopen the access to IPMI.
     19 > 5.  We are working on a TOTP solution. That will be available soon.
     20 > 
     21 > You're free to public my answer.
     22 > 
     23 > Maxim Popov
     25 I am happy that MivoCloud is aware of and working on solutions for a lot
     26 of these things. I was unaware that IPMI/iDRAC could be disabled on
     27 demand via a ticket until now. after I clear up real-life
     28 responsibilities and have enough time to invest, I'll follow up with a
     29 new ticket for point #2 (networking configuration in general) and see
     30 where we can go from there.
     32 to be fair, I have services with two other providers, and they both seem
     33 to have a worse IPv6 situation than MivoCloud (mainly out of their
     34 control, due to issues with upstream Hurricane Electric IPv6 routing and
     35 the like). so, MivoCloud's slight oddity with regard to not supplying a
     36 /64 block upon order, and instead providing a /128 (or evidently no IPv6
     37 at all), is a very slight inconvenience considering I at least have
     38 consistent IPv6 service. however, I will bring up the fact that
     39 customers should be free not to order IPv6 at all if they don't
     40 understand what it is, and for those who do want it, they should get a
     41 full /64.