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      1 # trying new software
      2 <!--[time 201802111201.13]-->
      4 I haven't been motivated to write anything lately, but I guess I can give an update on what software I am currently trying or going to try:
      6 * neovim, to replace vim. I chose it because the codebase and development is supposed to be cleaner and less dependent on one person pulling in patches. liking it so far; it also has a few small features I've been looking for in vim, namely the ability to resize panes using mouse. this may have already been possible in vim but it has never worked for me.
      7 * neomutt, saw it when I was looking up mutt and chose it because it offers some plugins built-in. once I configure it I may replace seamonkey with that and a different internet browser. first issue I see with mutt/neomutt is lack of mouse support, but I'll still play with it for a while.
      8 * sway (wayland compositor). I haven't really had a chance to try this yet but I want to see how well wayland works, and I may switch to it from X.
      9 * ConnMan, to replace NetworkManager. it's definitely light and apparently it supports USB tethering and bluetooth PAN, so I'll give it a shot.
     11 I also downloaded some ISOs to play with in qemu:
     13 * Void Linux -- haven't run it yet
     14 * TempleOS -- tried it, it works but the 100% sound volume scared me
     15 * ReactOS -- it won't boot properly; I'll have to look at the error again
     16 * Gentoo -- I used this briefly years ago but haven't accustomed myself to it at all. I want to install it with musl and busybox, possibly also a hardened profile.
     17 * Plan 9 -- haven't run it yet
     19 aside from that, I had a very spiritual dream last night so I have decided to keep a dream/meditation log now. I used to keep a dream log years ago but stopped due to lack of interest. hopefully I keep my interest this time, because I feel I may be able to learn some things from my experiences. if I make any notable discoveries I may write about them here.