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      1 # contact
      3 E-mail is my preferred contact method, especially if we do not know each
      4 other well.
      6 ## E-mail
      8 you can reach me via E-mail at <>.
     10 * [PGP is suggested.](/pgp.xht) *please give me a well-formed PGP public
     11   key so I may reply.*
     12 * if you E-mail me, *use a descriptive subject line or else I will not
     13   respond*.
     14 * yes, *I have received your message*, if you do not receive a
     15   bounceback (generally within four days). sometimes it takes a while
     16   for me to reply, if I do at all.
     17 * sometimes I receive mail from misconfigured servers and I cannot
     18   reply. complain to your postmaster if you think this has happened.
     20 only send mail to <> if you are a spam bot.
     22 ## XMPP
     24 * I do not enjoy small talk especially from strangers. *use E-mail if at
     25   all possible*, but if you need to use XMPP with me, *say who you are
     26   and what you want*, or I will block you.
     27 * my OMEMO keys and my account handle are [here](/pages/omemo.xht),
     28   including a PGP-signed QR code, as well as a link to a plaintext
     29   PGP-signed statement with my current keys. please take the time to
     30   manually trust my keys, and give me an out-of-band way to trust yours.
     31 * please *do not use OTR*. if you must, you may use OpenPGP encryption
     32   in your client, with [my PGP key](/pgp.xht).
     34 ## Matrix and IRC
     36 get in touch with me via E-mail if you need to talk to me via Matrix or
     37 IRC. however, I do not prefer them for one-on-one messaging.