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      1 my name is opal hart, and you can normally find me online as opal or
      2 wowaname. I have strong interests in security, communications, and
      3 personal freedom; my activist efforts focus around these values and how
      4 they intersect with current-day technology.
      6 this website serves as a dumping-ground of information for or about me.
      7 you may find how to contact me, posts I've written, and things I find
      8 interesting, depending on where you look.
     10 the domain is in sole control and use by me; I do not host
     11 other users' accounts on this domain, and I am the only maintainer of
     12 this website.
     14 I hope you're able to take something useful out of my work.
     16 I have a few things:
     18 * art: <>
     19 * E-mail and XMPP: [contact me](/contact.xht)
     20 * [Volatile](altnet://, a collection of services run with
     21   the intent to be <q>private and secure by design</q>