my OMEMO fingerprints

for the HTML page, you can clone the site source and verify the commit history for src/pages/ if you use the QR code, you can download the image and the associated PGP signature and verify that way.


If you notice a new OMEMO key for my account, that is not listed in this message; or if you notice that this message signature does not validate; please let me know over a secure channel. I can sign either a corrected statement with the updated OMEMO keys, or a statement explaining the validity of my current keys, depending on the situation.

a plaintext, clear-signed PGP version for this account exists as well.

QR code for

signature for QR code

Conversations on
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Dino on
cb7d76cf 57365a23 c05b6695 234d26a5
b08b2ae8 53ae11ba 7793d7df 4d520f68
Gajim on
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