living without Discord

(okay, it's easy, and I've done it before. but since the E-mail thread on the matter generated a lot of attention, I figured it was appropriate to give some context in more of a prose format, as well as what I have done to remain as a member in some communities in which I participate.)

a quick chronological recap of my Discord usage:

the E-mail exchange between me and Discord ended up on Hacker News to which it received a lot of attention, including that of a Discord developer who claims that code [his] team wrote caused [my] account to be locked. some misconceptions surfaced that I would like to address:

it isn't all bad, though. many people expressed agreement with me, stating such things as:

shortly after I requested deletion of my Discord account, I had set up Synapse for the Matrix chat protocol, where my public instance now resides at but before you make an account on there, be warned that I provide zero guarantees for usability or uptime. while I personally do use it, I am looking into an alternative which would hopefully not use up so many resources and would be more performant. so far, most (or, more accurately, all) of the Matrix ecosystem is in a state of heavy development. personally I have little faith in Matrix's long-term success, but at least there are plenty of ways to bridge different other chat networks together, including Discord.

since I could not generate an API key for Discord (I'd have to ask someone to do this on my behalf) and I simply did not want to run the node.js bridging software due to fear of running into issues with my already-limited resources, I settled for t2bot, a public bridging service that bridges Telegram and Slack in addition to Discord. sure, there are some issues with relation to latency, but I believe this is justified by not having to hassle with running the software myself. and for that I thank TravisR for offering such a service. (you can donate to keep his service alive if you wish.)

this bridge now operates for the BFBB Modding guild, a community dedicated to dissecting and making mods for the 2003 console game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, a game I loved as a kid and would never have expected such a following to this day; as well as a small general chat guild for another community that disbanded recently. I was a moderator in the BFBB guild due to my efforts for hosting the game's wiki, and an administrator in the latter guild, which incidentally had to be recreated because I could no longer transfer ownership to another member. a third guild related to Minecraft advertised their Matrix bridge to me, so I am joined there as well. I am not sure whether the bridge existed already or if my departure from Discord prompted them to set up a bridge; in any case, it's cool that some other people see eye-to-eye with the issues Discord introduces to free, open chat.