site update

2018 Mar 27, by opal hart (PGP signature)

by the way, you may be curious as to why some of my websites were down this week. something happened to one of my VPSes so I had to reinstall the operating system and set everything back up. the new install is now enjoying Alpine Linux just like all my other boxes.

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trying new software

2018 Feb 11, by opal hart (PGP signature)

I haven't been motivated to write anything lately, but I guess I can give an update on what software I am currently trying or going to try:

I also downloaded some ISOs to play with in qemu:

aside from that, I had a very spiritual dream last night so I have decided to keep a dream/meditation log now. I used to keep a dream log years ago but stopped due to lack of interest. hopefully I keep my interest this time, because I feel I may be able to learn some things from my experiences. if I make any notable discoveries I may write about them here.

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testing patches made to bashblog script

2017 Dec 21, by opal hart (PGP signature)

since I'm using a linux desktop now in place of my windows 8.1 laptop, I can now sanely use linux commands such as gpg and rsync (and the bashblog script itself) to locally sign my posts and transmit them to my server with minimum effort. the original bashblog script relies heavily on GNUisms especially in the date command, therefore requiring a little effort to adapt to alpine linux (which uses busybox and not coreutils) and the inability to use some of these odd GNU requirements. I wish people would pay attention to compatibility; everyone seems to focus only on GNU and BSD and completely forgets about POSIX standards and requirements.

anyway, this post should be signed (click PGP signature near the top of this post to get a markdown version of the article along with the appended PGP signature). I will manually sign previous blog posts as well, for completeness.

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2017 Dec 14, by opal hart (PGP signature)

busy this week, but I'm using Alpine Linux as my main operating system now, because I've grown tired of using Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I will get that set up with PGP and use it to sign my future (and possibly my past) blog posts.

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