welcome (why I'll give blogging another try)

last Friday (10 Nov 2017) I felt unusually motivated to organise quite a few aspects of my life. among those included finally setting up TFA on some of my online accounts, adopting a better password-management system than I had, and composing some to-do lists. recently, I have also been more interested in philosophy, spirituality, and faith/scepticism in the unknown, and I felt it would be constructive to be able to lay my thoughts out in front of me rather than keep them in my head. and while I'm at it, why not do it online so others can consider a thing or two from what I'm thinking?

I have previously written a few guides and opinion pieces but they are scattered about and people will not bother looking for them, really. I want to continue this trend of guiding, helping, collaborating with others so that we may all improve our knowledge and possibly build a better world worth living.

here's what you should expect if you do decide to keep up with my site:

please E-mail me if you're actually interested in keeping up with my writing and my PGP canary; it would really help me stay motivated to write quality content and to maintain a level of cryptographic trust with whoever cares about my well-being. but of course, if no one ends up reading my blog, I'll hopefully still find it useful as a sort of diary to collect my thoughts and process them more thoroughly.

I'll see how this experiment goes and dive right in next week. this week I have a school research paper due and some upcoming tests, so I'm too busy to put my efforts in my personal projects.