configuration for Pleroma instance; use git clone git:// to clone this repository.

censorship: page no longer maintainedopal hart1+1-0
panel: remove defunct linksopal hart1+0-3
tos: registrations indefinitely closedopal hart1+9-27
rules: fix law citationopal hart1+1-1
no longer invite-onlyopal hart2+2-2
emoji: steal some from pawooopal hart2+0-0
emoji: delete/rename thingsopal hart3+0-0
censorship: deactive @snow@freespeechextremist.comopal hart1+1-0
panel: tor/i2p not being maintained currentlyopal hart1+2-2
censorship: wintermute/zeonet followbotsopal hart1+2-0
censorship: @zia reactivatedopal hart1+0-1
add robots.txtopal hart1+6-0
fix ToS list htmlopal hart1+7-7
ToS: remove my fediverse rec list linkopal hart1+3-5
ToS/panel: add bloatfe link, clarify invitesopal hart2+5-5
censorship: more of sex's altsopal hart1+5-2
censorship: add notice link to ngrok.ioopal hart1+1-1
censorship: add @sexopal hart1+3-0
censorship: add * instance patternopal hart1+2-1
censorship: add @followbot@pleroma.hatthieves.esopal hart1+1-0
censorship: update local users blocked due to spamopal hart1+3-1
tos: fix typoopal hart1+1-1
censorship: deactivate @diamonndmind, @deathitselfopal hart1+3-1
new emote: peekopal hart1+0-0
fe: add 🔞 emoji to nsfw banneropal hart1+0-0
fe: change nsfw banneropal hart2+1-1
censorship: reactivate mikoto's accountsopal hart1+0-7
censorship: deactivate mikoto's sockpuppetsopal hart1+7-0
censorship: revise "deactivated users" descriptionopal hart1+1-1
censorship: hart1+3-0
censorship: advertising is rule 8 nowopal hart1+1-1
rules: muh Section 230opal hart1+1-0
censorship.html: add note about deactivated usersopal hart1+1-0
static: fix css and mobile layoutopal hart4+4-1
censorship: deactivate @spunker388opal hart1+2-1
censorship: deactivate @amazingadventureopal hart1+1-0
rules: clarify restriction of underage contentopal hart1+1-1
add to censorship.htmlopal hart1+1-0
new emoji: cocothinkopal hart1+0-0
new emoji: deuueaughopal hart1+0-0
add name to custom theme so it works properlyopal hart1+29-1
update censorship pageopal hart1+7-8
minor update to rules/ToS for consistencyopal hart2+7-6
censorship page: explain reason for quarantineopal hart1+4-3
fe config.json: set hideUserStats to falseopal hart1+1-1
add pleromafe config.jsonopal hart1+24-0
nvm :shrug: looks hideousopal hart1+0-0
another emojiopal hart2+0-0
emotes, new and moved aroundopal hart76+0-0
add xj9Wut emoteopal hart1+0-0
add emojiopal hart4+0-0
rules: clarify rules on imagery involving minorsopal hart1+2-1
rules: clarify proxying liabilityopal hart1+2-2
add initial policies (ToS, rules, about, panel)opal hart5+306-0
add uncategorised custom emojiopal hart56+0-0
add emoji/twitchopal hart4+0-0
add emoji/cirnoopal hart27+0-0
add emoji/Maopal hart13+0-0
commit initial basic assetsopal hart7+43-0