WeeChat scripts and aliases; use git clone git://wowana.me/archived/weechat-etc.git to clone this repository.

add yiffs dbopal hart4+1004-2
add kloeri.plopal hart1+0-0
ehopal hart2+4-0
i have no idea what these commits areopal hart3+4-3
keepnick.pl: use /notify not /isonopal hart1+11-43
aliasopal hart1+25-20
alias.conf: dickswowaname1+11-4
yiffs: forgot to put this herewowaname1+2-0
fuckyou.pl: unhook timer/signal if already hookedwowaname1+4-3
antifuck.pl: show forcepart reasonwowaname1+11-9
antifuck.pl: add option & fix memleak. also, cockswowaname1+80-20
parrot.pl: case insensitive buffer matchingwowaname1+10-8
weechat_otr.py is brokenwowaname1+0-2051
alias.conf: dark-skinned african niggerswowaname1+6-3
keepnick.pl: detect if ISON timed out / is disabledwowaname1+7-2
parrot.pl: remove debug line lolwowaname1+0-1
hueg.pl: add tab completewowaname1+1-1
fuckyou.pl minor bugfixwowaname1+2-1
fuckyou.pl: support for multiple forcejoins in one commandwowaname1+27-13
antifuck: use priority_low for autopartswowaname1+8-10
add parrot.plwowaname1+364-0
update documentationwowaname1+1-1
hueg.pl LOLwowaname1+4-0
snomasks.pl: make work with unrealircdwowaname1+3-2
play.pl: minorwowaname1+12-5
hueg.pl: make chars visible if colours are strippedwowaname1+578-578
colo.py: long lines if server supportswowaname1+7-2
antifuck.pl: increment version since the script works nowwowaname1+1-1
antifuck.pl: plugins.var.perl.antifuck.forward works, /join 0 workswowaname1+4-3
antifuck.pl: support for numeric 470 (channel forwarding)wowaname1+13-0
antifuck.pl: lol zncwowaname1+1-2
antifuck.pl: add option to ignore/whitelist serverswowaname1+30-1
antifuck.pl: sync channels on script loadwowaname1+12-0
antifuck.pl: clean up sourcewowaname1+33-22
antifuck.pl: fix crash when closing an already-closed bufferwowaname1+15-7
hueg.pl: fix warning, syntaxwowaname1+83-83
colourflood.pl: fix parsingwowaname1+7-7
play.pl: -find limit and detect empty fileswowaname1+15-4
add scripts/hueg.plwowaname1+1251-0
banner.pl: minor fixeswowaname1+115-211
play.pl: change -fmt args separator and fix warningswowaname1+5-3
alias.conf modifiedwowaname1+2-3
play.pl: -fmt added, -stop fixedwowaname1+22-13
colourflood.pl: fix indentation in helpwowaname1+14-14
fuckyou.pl: stop when target disconnectswowaname1+18-6
alias.conf updatewowaname1+6-1
play.pl: add end of file listing messagewowaname1+1-0
play.pl: fix bug for paths with /wowaname1+7-4
play.pl: -repeatwowaname1+17-12
update alias.conf / ascii aliases changedwowaname1+13-8
play.pl: exception handlingwowaname1+2-2
play.pl: add -stop, fix bugswowaname1+26-11
add script play.plwowaname1+103-0
add small delay between forcejoinswowaname1+45-33
add colourflood.plwowaname1+150-0
yiff.pl: add error prefix to print statementwowaname1+2-1
yiff.pl: forgot to infolist_freewowaname1+4-0
yiff.pl: lol regexwowaname1+2-2
modify description for yiff.plwowaname1+2-2
add -p flagwowaname1+21-37
changelogs in the script are gay when we have gitwowaname1+0-16
colo.py: minor colour tweakwowaname1+2-2
antifuck.pl: split channels for /joinwowaname1+1-1
antifuck.pl: irc.server.xxx.autojoin wasn't working correctly with multiple channelswowaname1+2-3
fix ra,rato,xra aliaseswowaname2+16-6
add scripts/antifuck.plwowaname1+227-0
handle disconnects in snomasks.plwowaname1+7-0
include usage comment in snomasks.plwowaname1+4-0
added script snomasks.plwowaname1+46-0
change alias.confwowaname1+7-1
add scripts/sighup.plwowaname1+22-0
change /infolist newwowaname1+7-5
alias.conf updatedwowaname1+29-24
infolist.pl addedwowaname1+103-0
fixed eol in commandswowaname1+2-1
masshl.py fixeswowaname1+10-10
add /reload in commands to reload the old configwowaname1+1-0
ported fuckyou.pl to weechatwowaname1+148-0
minor fixes in colo.pywowaname1+18-6
added theme for theme.pywowaname1+108-0
whoops, bugwowaname1+3-0
-s workswowaname1+7-3
update and rename embellish to colowowaname3+208-163
fixed slash at begin of linewowaname1+2-2
add prismx.py, fork of official prism.pywowaname1+150-0
edit alias.confwowaname1+72-58
embellish.py v1.3wowaname1+35-30
actually included an alias.conf file...wowaname1+126-0
fixed %N for masshlwowaname1+3-2