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fix: close %{A} regionsopal hart1+1-1
add_node() code cleanupopal hart1+13-9
move code to new node_state() functionopal hart1+19-14
use EXIT_* constants for returning from main()opal hart1+4-2
style: move declarations to top of scopesopal hart2+46-27
colourise hidden/marked nodesopal hart1+15-13
support hiding details for unfocused nodes/desktopsopal hart1+12-6
fix missing header, Makefileopal hart2+5-6
clean up Makefile, add all/debug/install targetsopal hart1+20-10
bspws: modify node_icon() prototypeopal hart1+10-8
bspws: fix typo for 'pseudo_tiled'opal hart1+1-1
lib/bspc: correctly declare function return typeopal hart1+1-1
one of those big commits (multi-monitor)opal hart1+112-58
lib/bspc: bspc_read() newline handlingopal hart1+10-4
lib/convert: off-by-one erroropal hart1+1-1
README: style nitopal hart1+1-1
code/comment cleanup/rearrangementopal hart1+9-8
fix whitespace output for desktop and node barsopal hart1+7-6
use temp buffer per nodeopal hart1+8-5
clarify licensingopal hart2+31-0
move bspc shit -> libopal hart7+145-254
first commit: it works!opal hart16+4456-0