scripts, cronjobs, and config for ACME (Let's Encrypt); use git clone git:// to clone this repository.

gencsr: set umask 027opal hart1+6-4
fetch-certs: fix some thingsopal hart1+6-2
fetch-certs: cp(1) sucksopal hart1+1-2
showtlsa: chmod +xopal hart1+0-0
fetch-certs: optional debug/verbose outputopal hart1+20-3
fetch-certs: treat certs atomicallyopal hart1+6-1
fetch-certs: verify certs before usingopal hart1+18-3
fetch-certs: fix timestampingopal hart1+2-4
fetch-certs: wget timestamping, code clarityopal hart1+9-5
initial commitopal hart7+246-0