my Linux kernel configs; use git clone git:// to clone this repository.

add gitignoreopal hart1+2-0
add toroko configopal hart1+307-0
add lena configopal hart1+112-0
update mahin/uta/yululu configsopal hart3+160-302
add inc/ for common configsopal hart7+470-359
mahin: hid-sonyopal hart1+2-1
mahin: bluetoothopal hart1+10-0
mahin: move common stuff to other filesopal hart1+1-14
desktop_config: so far only devtmpfs/module supportopal hart1+10-0
baseconfig: commentsopal hart1+2-2
baseconfig: no devtmpfs by defaultopal hart1+0-6
baseconfig: don't assume module support/signingopal hart1+5-9
baseconfig: add @common/@system kernel depsopal hart1+14-0
add yululu/config.shopal hart1+265-0
add uta/config.shopal hart1+194-0
add base server configopal hart1+28-0 override EXTRAVERSIONopal hart1+1-0
add mahin/config.shopal hart1+415-0
add base config and helper scriptsopal hart3+360-0