a suite of utilities for scheduling and monitoring jobs; use git clone git:// to clone this repository.

stralloc_0() does NOT test if string emptyopal hart1+1-1
simplify signal/wantkill logicopal hart2+16-34
remove loggingopal hart3+7-19
omicrond: group static bools togetheropal hart1+2-2
add examples in tain-fromspec(1)opal hart2+97-3
style nitopal hart1+3-4
use generic cflagsopal hart1+1-1
add readmeopal hart1+17-0
remove old commented codeopal hart1+0-8
change copyright off omicron's old working nameopal hart1+1-1
add gitignoreopal hart1+8-0
add omicrond.copal hart1+436-0
add tain-fromspec(1)opal hart2+91-0
switch tain_t -> tainopal hart5+30-30
describe signals in omicrond(8)opal hart2+38-2
add 'install' and extra targets to makefileopal hart1+9-1
add omicron(7), omicrond(8)opal hart4+401-0
write tain-* utils, licence, makefileopal hart7+241-0