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remove unnecessary break; after _exit()opal hart1+0-1
declare globals staticopal hart1+5-5
_exit() on failed forkopal hart1+1-0
style: move declarations to top of scopesopal hart1+26-10
support arbitrary shellopal hart2+42-2
add missing perror()opal hart1+1-0
add contrib/opal hart3+98-0
cleanup: add freenull() macroopal hart1+6-7
exit on signal handledopal hart1+1-0
add gitignoreopal hart1+1-0
clean up running procs on run_cmds() failureopal hart1+16-5
doc: add credit, licence, and contactopal hart2+7-1
add CMD_FAIL_STR constantopal hart2+9-1
Makefile: add some meat to itopal hart1+24-1
rm generated binary, idk how it even got thereopal hart1+0-0
mitigate use-after-free. shame on meopal hart1+3-0
initial commit. it works!opal hart7+351-0