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devices: other yubikeyopal hart1+5-1
devices: add links for networking equipmentopal hart1+13-5
devices: chako goneopal hart1+4-1
devices: typosopal hart1+2-2
devices: mahin not using selinuxopal hart1+2-2
software: change links from "archive" to "archives"opal hart1+3-3
software: update on my mail situationopal hart1+31-13
add bookmarks pageopal hart2+22-2
devices: change vnstat URLsopal hart1+4-0
rsync-ignore: add /files/vnstatopal hart1+1-0
index: clean up linksopal hart1+1-9
software: add btpd to currently-usedopal hart1+7-10
Makefile: revert redo for nowopal hart1+4-1
Makefile: add $RSYNC_REMOTEopal hart1+2-1
omemo: capitalisation, very important!opal hart1+1-1
begin switching Makefile to redo (blog index)opal hart4+10-4
permalink: update formatting & new ygg dnsopal hart1+5-3
mv src/{,pages/}donate.mdopal hart1+0-0
software: fuck uscheduleopal hart1+1-2
software: remove bspwm/lemonbar-xftopal hart1+0-22
music: add albumopal hart1+1-0
devices: complain about the 5aopal hart1+4-1
guess I was wrongopal hart1+1-9
htss: capitalisationopal hart1+2-2
blog: 2022 updateopal hart1+95-0
css: set <main/> max width for readabilityopal hart1+1-0
permalink: remove hsts infoopal hart1+0-6
permalink: del ano, add yggopal hart1+1-2
devices: add meganeopal hart1+4-0
devices: new desktop rig!opal hart1+11-4
scripts/altnet: update volatile onionopal hart1+1-1
add index for /pages/opal hart1+13-0
scripts/blog: style nitopal hart1+3-3
software: fix xhtmlopal hart1+2-4
software: remove hledgeropal hart1+0-7
software: remove notes for picomopal hart1+0-1
software: remove IRC channel linksopal hart1+0-20
index: mark links as down, add descriptionsopal hart1+4-3
move about page to indexopal hart2+15-7
blog-index: finally fix orderingopal hart3+2-5
header: change and reorder sidebar linksopal hart1+2-4
makefile: (temporarily) don't call gitindexopal hart1+0-1
devices: chako runs graphene nowopal hart1+1-2
htss: move to pages/opal hart1+0-0
devices: add chako, update other descriptionsopal hart1+13-3
omemo: add gajim key for wowana.meopal hart4+53-38
pgp: update 0xFB02FDAFD6C05FE4.ascopal hart1+126-121
update omemoopal hart4+57-20
update omemoopal hart4+52-31
music: add page, album art, & art conversion scriptopal hart21+47-0
new blog post: "toward a healthier federation"opal hart1+423-0
makefile: create blog-header.incopal hart2+10-3
header: add pages, rm filesopal hart1+1-1
bookmarks: add mostly off-grid/vaping linksopal hart1+17-1
omemo: fix key hostnamesopal hart1+4-4
omemo: move URLs to footnotesopal hart1+8-2
Makefile: remove sakamoto rsync hostopal hart1+0-1
omemo: add keysopal hart4+80-0
omemo: fix hostname for volatile.bzopal hart2+10-9
rsync-ignore: unignore acme-challengeopal hart1+0-1
enforce gitignore on straggling fileopal hart1+0-47
css: dark themeopal hart1+55-20
css: remove .cloudflare-warningopal hart1+0-16
Makefile: change rsync hostopal hart1+1-1
new blog post: "Regarding FSF IRC presence"opal hart1+80-0
pages/ dolphin/skarnet contact infoopal hart1+3-1
pages/ specify that yululu uses preowned partsopal hart1+2-1
pages/ add note for hydrusopal hart1+4-0
pages/ unabbreviate &c.opal hart1+1-1
pages/ cron/ntp/execlineopal hart1+18-0
pages/ sort devices by typeopal hart1+27-19
pages/ add kurumi.wowana.meopal hart1+5-0
pages/ add/modify descriptionsopal hart1+20-6
add pages/software.mdopal hart1+287-0
add selfhosted avataropal hart1+0-0
pages/ fix styling for qr codeopal hart1+1-1 replace list w/ generic fedi adviceopal hart1+10-501 lowercase twitchopal hart1+1-1 add some more FAQ to emailopal hart1+5-0 rm onion addressopal hart1+1-1 describe usage habit for subkeysopal hart1+4-0 shuffle around subkeysopal hart1+2-2
new blog post: "What even is lolicore?"opal hart1+126-0
add pages/devices.mdopal hart1+47-0
move to pages/opal hart2+101-99
fp.c: add comment describing purposeopal hart1+8-0
modify index, add new accounts, rm matrixopal hart1+6-1
update pgp keyopal hart1+123-22
modify avatar and its stylingopal hart2+11-3
css: add mono-image classopal hart1+3-0
css: sticky table headersopal hart1+4-0
add canonical/onion-location headersopal hart1+7-1
fediverse: remove neckbeard/skippers-binopal hart1+0-14
fediverse: update elekk & mstdn.socialopal hart1+2-1
fediverse: remove dead instancesopal hart1+0-21
fediverse: add thead/tbodyopal hart1+16-0
pgp: add signing policiesopal hart1+33-0
pgp: word-wrapopal hart1+11-4
files: matrix-keys.asc is no longer relevantopal hart1+0-36
add XMPP/OMEMO informationopal hart5+124-4
add fp.c -- fingerprint colourisation toolopal hart3+155-3
fediverse: gab no longer federatesopal hart1+1-1
fediverse: remove fosstodon infoopal hart1+0-6
fediverse: add traboone.comopal hart1+7-0
fediverse: add bloatfe to freespeechextremist.comopal hart1+1-1
fediverse: remove expired.mentality.ripopal hart1+0-7
index: remove service offeropal hart1+0-2 update site metadataopal hart1+4-2
fediverse: modifications/additions to list of shameopal hart1+22-1
git: add git:// protocol to info templateopal hart1+6-0
donate: all new donations should go to Volatileopal hart1+16-38
css: use backticks for <kbd/> rather than borderopal hart1+7-4
fediverse: fixed its shitopal hart1+0-8
permalink: remove v2 onion, it's deprecatedopal hart1+0-1
blog: backfill with old posts (finally)opal hart4+348-0
fediverse: rm miss.jaekr.shopal hart1+0-7
fediverse: rm, comment jaeger.websiteopal hart1+3-10
chmod +x scripts/feedopal hart1+0-0
blog: fix typoopal hart1+1-1
blog post: "MivoCloud follow-up"opal hart1+41-0
fediverse: fix contact infoopal hart1+2-5
fediverse: add to bad instancesopal hart1+5-0
fediverse: uses cloudflare nowopal hart1+4-1
fediverse: Misskey Cloudflare disclaimeropal hart1+7-0
fediverse: update SPC federation linkopal hart1+1-1
fediverse: minor wording changeopal hart1+2-2
scripts/feed: cleanup dead codeopal hart1+0-3
blog index: use created rather than modified datesopal hart2+11-5
scripts: rename files without .sh suffixopal hart7+25-25
css: set <pre> elements to wrapopal hart1+1-3
update ssh hostname for siteopal hart2+3-3
blog post: "my experience with MivoCloud"opal hart1+215-0
scripts/ prefer $VISUAL over $EDITORopal hart1+1-1
scripts/ sh -eopal hart1+1-1
fediverse: add instancesopal hart1+21-0
fediverse: unrecommend fosstodon.orgopal hart1+6-7
fediverse: add {pleroma.,}freespeech.hostopal hart1+14-0
fediverse: remove carrot.armyopal hart1+0-7
fediverse: update terms URLopal hart1+1-1
rsync-ignore autogenerated /files/fullchainsopal hart1+1-0
css: fix cloudflare logo on indented textopal hart1+1-0
css: quick fix for pre tagsopal hart1+3-0
new donationopal hart1+7-0
reformat donate pageopal hart1+6-11
fediverse: define "limited moderation"opal hart1+20-3
fediverse: modify existing instances' infoopal hart1+4-4
fediverse: add busshi.moeopal hart1+7-0
fediverse: add carrot.armyopal hart1+7-0
fediverse: update igeljaeger's instancesopal hart1+14-7
fediverse: add fedi.absurztau.beopal hart1+7-0
fediverse: modify "dishonourable mentions"opal hart1+110-7
fediverse: remove "rough draft" statementopal hart1+0-4
add src/mirrors to makefile, fix gitindexopal hart2+7-4
wording in contact pageopal hart1+3-1
those omemo keys are dead famopal hart1+0-34
clean up files/ diropal hart3+4-335
update Makefile to use alternate markdown implopal hart1+4-3
fucking finally delete shit from out/opal hart31+0-4621
htss: mention cat-v's http/0.2opal hart1+1-0 EDITOR shouldn't be quotedopal hart1+1-1
gitindex: handle subdirectories, sort reposopal hart1+7-4
scripts/ remove unused varopal hart1+0-1
new blog post: "RFC: which projects are you inteā€¦"opal hart1+183-0
new blog post: "re: trying new software"opal hart1+111-0
fediverse: clarify trademark disclaimeropal hart1+1-1
fediverse: add "dishonourable mentions" sectionopal hart1+184-0
enforce gitignore (first time didn't work?)opal hart1+184-1
modify css: improve table stylesopal hart1+7-0
enforce new gitignore on out/ diropal hart35+959-644
force scripts to use busybox `date`opal hart3+10-6
gitignore make outputopal hart1+5-6
fediverse list: remove niu.moeopal hart2+0-14
fediverse list: add veenus.artopal hart2+14-0
fediverse list: remove bsd.moeopal hart2+0-14
fediverse list: change notesopal hart2+2-2
remove from fediverse listopal hart2+0-14
add matrix & remove nextcloud from index pageopal hart2+2-2
add 'spectre' to donations pageopal hart2+10-0
Makefile: do not rsync alpine diropal hart1+0-1
change rsync options in makefileopal hart1+3-3
remove from fediverse listopal hart2+0-14
update fediverse listingopal hart2+7-7
make site mobile-friendlyopal hart33+393-49
new blog post: living without discordopal hart4+680-1
fix on fediverse instance listopal hart2+2-2
exclude acme-challenge from rsyncopal hart1+1-0
add to fedi instance listopal hart2+14-0
permalinks: dont use https for onionsopal hart2+0-4
update permalink for onion v3 and hart2+18-0
oh yeah, commit the actual script i usedopal hart1+9-0
fade permalink text a bitopal hart1+1-0
altnet permalinksopal hart8+38-35
change libravatar link to unproxied direct linkopal hart30+48-37
update bookmarks pageopal hart1+14-3
add robots.txtopal hart1+9-0
two blog articles lolopal hart6+798-4
HTSS draftopal hart2+208-0
add skippers-bin to fedi listopal hart2+14-0
update contact info, discord is no longeropal hart2+3-3
fix typo in "federated social networking" articleopal hart2+2-2
css: blockquote and .pre-wrap rulesopal hart1+6-0
update fediverse listingopal hart2+32-4
clarify fediverse pageopal hart2+6-2
add cloudflare trademark disclaimeropal hart2+6-0
add title text to cf iconsopal hart2+10-3
add base uri to feed outputopal hart1+1-1
postproc: change <article class=main/> to <main/>opal hart1+2-2
update fediverse.xht, add cloudflare rule to cssopal hart3+102-1
autogenerate to adjust for new html templateopal hart26+430-405
update opal.cssopal hart1+5-5
generate content under hart4+36-0
update rsync-ignore fileopal hart1+1-0
update fediverse listopal hart2+16-2
fix html for blog entryopal hart2+354-354 tell pup not to escape htmlopal hart1+1-1
update cssopal hart1+27-16
fediverse blog post + pageopal hart6+1099-144
fix to point to right directoryopal hart1+1-1
bookmarks pageopal hart2+225-0
add exclude file for rsyncopal hart2+5-1
change text colour + a:hover cssopal hart1+10-6
very slight css changeopal hart1+1-1
add README, finallyopal hart1+24-0
move scripts to their own directoryopal hart4+2-2
fix titles again, whoopsopal hart23+167-167
add atom discovery to websiteopal hart1+1-0
change page titles in outputopal hart23+105-83
clean up, change page <title/>sopal hart1+9-4
css: make blockquotes more conspicuousopal hart1+3-0
fix blog article formattingopal hart4+89-78
css: format <dt/> elemsopal hart1+3-0
Makefile: exclude certain paths in rsyncopal hart1+1-1
update cssopal hart1+11-0
new blog articleopal hart4+341-1
add COPYING fileopal hart1+15-0
add /out/git to gitignoreopal hart1+1-0
add /out/alpine to .gitignore, modify Makefileopal hart2+3-1
fix some linksopal hart6+24-24
update make rule for blog indexopal hart1+1-1
add feed.shopal hart1+45-0
donate: update donations/costsopal hart2+4-4
stop touching files in postprocopal hart1+0-2
add blog feed.atomopal hart3+571-2
index: change donate linkopal hart2+2-2
notify feed.rss users of new feed.atomopal hart1+15-0
add keybase proofopal hart1+56-0
commit output filesopal hart6+61-56
touch files to correct date in postprocopal hart1+2-0
xmllint & fix linksopal hart5+8-9
finalise makefileopal hart1+15-13
that file was a test, should have never been committedopal hart1+0-43
commit all files in out/opal hart23+1385-0
add gitignoreopal hart1+4-0
add timestamps to blog sourcesopal hart14+97-41
change navbar links to have .xht extensionsopal hart1+5-5
fix makefile and add supplementary scriptsopal hart3+44-6
add historic blog .md filesopal hart13+492-0
add source filesopal hart21+502-0
add static assets firstopal hart7+2081-0
add Makefileopal hart1+24-0