costs and donating

between 2018 September and 2020 June, I have publicly tracked expenses and donations for my services.

starting 2020 July, I will no longer be asking for donations my way, nor recording my personal expenses. I will only be concerned about my project, Volatile, whose expenses and earnings I will remain transparent about.

I have to break my own promise for now due to financial emergency. I have added my LiberaPay account below. if you wish to use cryptocurrency, you may still do so to Volatile. Volatile also now has an OpenCollective account that can take fiat donations. thank you for your continued support.

check below for a list of donors.

donation methods

I'm wowaname on LiberaPay. I also have a wishlist.


click on any name below to view details about the donation. since Bitcoin is not anonymous and you can find these payments attached to my address anyway, I provide BTC/BCH transaction IDs in the details.